Attention! There has been a schedule change for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 

Wednesday, April 3


LOCATION CHANGE | Welcome to SF | Bocce Ball Courts
5:30 PM - 8 PM

The casual evening on the beach has been canceled. We were hoping for better weather, but it looks like it's going to be cold and windy. Instead, we'll meet at the Golden Gate Park Bocce Ball Courts.

We'll still have pizza and drinks and make sure to bring layers as it's still going to be cold! Seriously, think winter wear. We'll have a bocce ball set, corn hole, and ladder ball. 

Select the link below to see the location. The courts are located at the beginning of Golden Gate Park on the corner of Page St. & Stanyan. 


Thursday, April 4


Wedding Ceremony | SF City Hall
2:30-4 PM

The ceremony will be held on the fourth floor North balcony. City Hall is open to the public during the week, so there will be other people in the building. They will rope off the fourth floor balcony for us. Note: everyone will need to pass through a metal detector and send bags through an x-ray machine to enter. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes, but please allow for enough time.

If you're in the middle atrium looking at the grand staircase, the ceremony will be on the fourth floor to your right. You can take the grand staircase up a few levels and then take another set of stairs. There are also elevators around the building. 

Look for Jill, our wonderful wedding coordinator. She will have a sign and will help with directions and questions. 

Attire is semi-formal.



Dinner | Tonga Room
5:30-7:30 PM

The Tonga Room is located in the Fairmont hotel. It's a very unique and fun tiki bar that serves asian fusion food. We'll have dinner and drinks, and a little peace and quiet before the band starts at 7PM. Fun fact: in the middle of the restaurant is a water feature and the band plays on a boat! This area of the hotel used to be the swimming pool, but they turned it into the restaurant.



Reception | Fairmont
7:30-10 PM

After dinner, we'll go upstairs to the Buckingham Suite for drinks (room number tba). We have the suite all night, so as long as we keep the noise level down, we'll hang out until we decide it's time to kick everyone out.

We'll have cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, cake cutting, background music, and an awesome view of the city from the private balcony. We can also hang out in the outdoor garden below. 

Don't forget to take a selfie and sign our guestbook!


Friday, April 5


Explore San Francisco
Timeline TBD - Not too early. Maybe 11 AM?

We'll explore some of our favorite spots around SF. For those wanting to explore on their own, we have plenty of recommendations. 

To get the whole group around town together, we're planning on using the Big Bus tour (yes, the tourist bus). This will allow us all to travel together and hop off/on at our leisure. We'll grab some lunch, walk around off the beaten path, and explore the city (bring your walking shoes and a jacket). 

Tickets can be purchased in advance, but you should also be able to purchase them at the bus stop (maybe we can haggle the sales people for a discount if we buy in bulk). Note: we're taking the Red Line


Saturday, April 6


Ferry ride to Sausalito (Canceled)
9:30 AM

We're canceling this :( The shuttle from Sausalito to Muir Woods was supposed to be running by now, but since it isn't open yet, we're going to switch things up. 



Muir Woods National Monument

Instead of taking the Sausalito shuttle, Big Bus tours (yes the tourist bus again) has tours that go to Muir Woods from SF (entry ticket included). They also stop in Sausalito on the way back. Yes, it's early, but we can make the most of the day if we hop on the 8:30AM tour. 

Make sure to eat a hearty breakfast before the trip, as there won't be many options until Sausalito after we visit the trees. We're planning on taking the ferry back to SF from Sausalito. If you would prefer to take the bus back to the city, that is also an option and is included with your ticket.



Dinner at one of our favorite spots

Depending on how wiped everyone is, let's grab a casual dinner at one of our favorite spots. We're thinking Little Italy, but we're happy to change things up as needed that day.