Wednesday April 3


Welcome to SF | Ocean Beach
5:30 PM

This will be a very casual evening on the beach. We'll have pizza and drinks, and hopefully, a fabulous sunset. Make sure to bring layers as it gets cold! Seriously, think winter wear. If one is available, we'll snag a fire pit for a bonfire.


Thursday April 4


Wedding Ceremony | SF City Hall
3-4 PM

The ceremony will be held on the fourth floor balcony. City Hall is open to the public during the week, so there will be other people in the building. They will rope off the fourth floor balcony for us. Note: everyone will need to pass through a metal detector and send bags through an x-ray machine to enter. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes, but please allow for enough time. 

Attire is semi-formal.



Dinner | Tonga Room
5:30-7:30 PM

The Tonga Room is located in the Fairmont hotel. It's a very unique and fun tiki bar that serves asian fusion food. We'll have dinner and drinks, and a little peace and quiet before the band starts at 7PM. Fun fact: in the middle of the restaurant is a water feature and the band plays on a boat! This area of the hotel used to be the swimming pool, but they turned it into the restaurant.



After Party | Fairmont
7:30-10 PM

After dinner, we'll go upstairs to the Buckingham Suite for drinks (room number tba). We have the suite all night, so as long as we keep the noise level down, we'll hang out until we decide it's time to kick everyone out.


Friday April 5


Explore San Francisco
Timeline TBD

We'll explore some of our favorite spots around SF. For those wanting to explore on their own, we have plenty of recommendations. 


Saturday April 6


Ferry ride to Sausalito
9:30 AM

We'll meet at the Ferry Building for breakfast, coffee, and other snacks. They have a lot of great little shops and food vendors inside the building. Make sure to get there early and not miss the ferry. We'll take the 10:15 AM ferry out of GATE C. Tickets are $14 each way and can be purchased at a ticket machine outside the building, near the dock. Alternatively, grabbing a Clipper Card will reduce the price to $7.75. You can easily add a Clipper Card to your mobile wallet on your phone. More info here.

For those not wanting to make the trek across the bay, we have plenty of suggestions to explore. 



Muir Woods National Monument

Once we land in Sausalito, we'll hop on a bus that will take us to the redwoods. We'll have a few hours to take in these amazing creatures before jumping back on the bus to Sausalito. The weekend ferry doesn't run very late, so we'll need to be back in time to catch the 4:50 PM ferry back to SF.

IMPORTANT! You will need to make an online reservation to get a shuttle seat, and there is no support for walk-ups. Note: there is no cell service in the redwoods (more info here). This is a national monument, so you'll need to purchase tickets onsite. 

For those not wanting go to the redwoods, Sausalito and surrounding areas are a great way to spend the day. May we suggest a bike rental?



Dinner at one of our favorite spots

Depending on how wiped everyone is, let's grab a casual dinner at one of our favorite spots. We're thinking Little Italy, but we're happy to change things up as needed that day.