Lassen National Forest

A short dog-friendly hike near Caribou Lake in Lassen National Forest.


We went to the Caribou Wilderness in Lassen National Forest on our second day of full time life on the road.

We stayed at Lassen West RV Park, which was a beautiful, quiet spot with towering Ponderosa Pines and charming management. As we settled into our travel trailer, we wanted to take the opportunity to explore the trails nearby.


A rewarding hike here can be anything from 1 mile to 7 miles. Alternatively, visitors can also fish, canoe, or kayak on Caribou Lake.

We brought Oskee with us, who is upwards of 10 years old, so opted for a leisurely few miles.


We enjoyed the remote calm and quiet of the forest, and took our time soaking in the details and textures around us.


The lakes here are alpine lakes, with beautiful crystal clear water and frogs and fish. The trails are clearly marked and well maintained.

To get here there's a short drive on a gravel road, but the remote location adds to the charm of these hikes.


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